Book Trailer for Covert Operations: Alpha

Hello Everyone! The final draft of my book trailer for Covert Operations: Alpha is on my home page! Just go to Enjoy and let me know what you think. 🙂


(Yaud leaves Fest in a hurry. Her car is waiting outside. Her tires scream as she pulls away with only the fading smoke left in place of the car. Yaud makes a bee-line straight for the Obsolete. She parks across the street and walks to the double doors of the single floor building. From outside the Obsolete looks like an old western bar. You know. Two free swinging wooden doors that hang about two feet from the bottom of the doorway and about a half foot from the top. Yaud enters with fire in her eyes. The inside looks like a cheap 24th century attempt to duplicate the interior of a western bar, but they settled for a slight structural similarity. Yaud sees the guy behind the bar, and heads straight for him. The guy behind the bar is dark skinned. He must have about a foot and a half on Katrina, and easily out weights her. He is also very muscular from the looks of him. He sees her and the look on her face.) [Bartender] Look Yaud, it was just business! (Everyone in the bar clears out.) [Yaud] Fine No Joke!!! So that means a little money will get me the information I need! [No Joke] You know I don’t work like that! (Yaud points her finger at a table and it explodes! No Joke leaps from behind the bar and lands in front of Yaud in less time than it takes to blink an eye. She doesn’t even flinch. No Joke is right in her face.) [No Joke] The next thing to explode better be owned by you or… [Yaud] Or what?!? (No Joke dwarfs Yaud with no problem. His speed and agility are in-human, but he is the one to back down a little.) [No Joke] Look, we could dance over this… [Yaud] Or you can simply tell me where to find Spy. [No Joke] You’d better leave… (We cut to a downward view of the building. We hear a booming sound as a humanoid figure busts through the side of the Obsolete and lands in the alley. We close in on the figure as we see Yaud climbing through the large hole in the wall after her target. No Joke is slow rising, but he does stand up. Yaud is walking over to No Joke.) [Yaud] Where is he?!? [No Joke] Bitch!!! (Before he can utter another word. Yaud points her finger at No Joke. The resulting explosion hurls No Joke out into the street some thirty plus feet away. His clothes are burning slightly in some places and there are burn holes sporadically all over his clothes and body. Yaud is already there before he hits the ground. No Joke is on his feet the instant his body first impacts the ground. He yells at the top of his lungs into Yaud’s face.) [No Joke] No More!!! (She yells right back.) [Yaud] Then tell me what the fuck it is I want to know!!! [No Joke] I let you hit me! (She huffs in his face in disbelieve.) I let you hit me with your Chi!… [Yaud] No you didn’t! Chi never misses! (No Joke’s demeanor softens a little.) [No Joke] Yaud, why can’t you ever take no for an answer? [Yaud] If I had, I would never have had you! (No Joke takes a step back. Yaud holds her ground.) [No Joke] Real funny. If I wasn’t so pussy whipped, your ass would be grass. (Yaud’s demeanor softens a little.) [Yaud] You couldn’t still be pussy whipped after all this time. Your still in love with me. [No Joke] I told you never to say that again!!! (No Joke walks pass Yaud in a huff. He goes into the bar. He heads straight for his backroom. Yaud follows hot on his heels.) [Yaud] Look. I’m sorry. I forgot. Come on. This is silly! I knock you through a fucking wall, I blow you the fuck up and you get mad because I said your still in… (Yaud has to stop almost on a dime, because No Joke is suddenly right in her face. Her look is one of uncertainty now.) [No Joke] You say it again and we are going to finish what you started here. (They are both still and silent for several seconds before No Joke turns away and walks in the backroom. Yaud follows sheepishly.) [Yaud] Fine. Just tell me what I need to know… Please. (No Joke replies softly as if his feelings were hurt.) [No Joke] Fuck off, and if you touch me again it’s on. [Yaud] Fine. I won’t touch you, but I gotta know. [No Joke] O.K. If it means that much to you, all you have to do is take me back. [Yaud] Couldn’t we just have sex or something?